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PinSeekers uses Toptracer Range, the #1 range technology in golf. Learn more about your PinSeekers range experience below including FAQ and game modes..

About Toptracer Range

Toptracer Range is a cutting-edge technology system that transforms the traditional driving range experience by tracking the flight of a golf ball, displaying its path in real time, and providing instant feedback on every shot. It enables golfers of all levels to enjoy interactive games and practice sessions with precise data on their performance, including distance, speed, launch angle, and more, enhancing both entertainment and skill development in a golfing environment.

It also has game modes allowing players to engage in straightforward challenges that focus more on enjoyment and less on the intricacies of their shots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Toptracer Range FAQ, where we aim to answer all your questions about this innovative golfing technology. Whether you’re curious about how Toptracer Range works, the various game modes offered at PinSeekers, or tips for getting the most out of your experience, you’ll find the information you need right here.

It’s the #1 range technology in golf for a reason. Toptracer Range employs advanced ball-tracking technology and sophisticated algorithms to provide highly accurate shot data, including ball speed, trajectory, distance, and more. While it is renowned for its precision, occasional environmental factors or system limitations may slightly affect accuracy, but overall, it offers a reliable and detailed analysis of a golfer’s shot performance

A golf shot might not always register with Toptracer Range due to various factors such as extreme weather conditions that can interfere with the system’s sensors or the ball’s flight path falling outside the tracking range of the cameras. Generally, if a shot does not reach waist height, the sensors may not pick up on it as it could look like a ball rolling on the ground.

Additionally, not striking the ball within the designated hitting area can also lead to non-registration of shots.

Using the Toptracer mobile app at PinSeekers enhances your golfing experience by enabling you to track your shots, view detailed performance data, and access your history for ongoing improvement. It connects seamlessly with PinSeekers’ Toptracer Range technology, offering a personalized and interactive way to engage with your game and compete with friends.

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At PinSeekers, Toptracer Range offers a variety of game modes, including “Closest to the Pin,” “Long Drive,” “Virtual Golf,” and various skill games, ensuring there’s something for golfers of all ages and ability levels. These modes range from fun, competitive challenges to more technical, skill-focused exercises, making it a versatile tool for entertainment, practice, and improvement for everyone from beginners to seasoned pros.

Toptracer Range aids in making any golfer a better player by providing instant, accurate feedback on every shot, allowing golfers to understand their strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement. Through its detailed analytics on ball speed, trajectory, distance, and more, golfers can refine their technique, make informed adjustments, and track their progress over time, leading to enhanced performance and skill development.

Toptracer Range Game Modes

Get your game off to a great start with the Warm Up mode at PinSeekers, designed to help you loosen up and find your rhythm before you take on the more challenging courses or games.
Toptracer Warm Up Mode
Practice Mode at PinSeekers offers a focused and detailed approach to perfecting your swing, providing real-time feedback and stats to help you refine your skills with precision. Track the nuances of each club and stats over time.
Toptracer Practice Mode
Embark on a virtual golfing adventure with our Virtual Golf mode, where you can experience the thrill of playing on some of the world’s most iconic and prestigious courses, right from the comfort of your heated bay.
Toptracer Virtual Golf
Test your precision and control in our Closest to the Pin game mode, where players compete to land their shots nearest to the hole, showcasing skill and finesse in every swing.
Toptracer Closest to the Pin
See those targets out there? Aim for them! Challenge yourself in the Points Game, where your accuracy and distance are key to scoring points, creating a thrilling balance between strategic play and skillful execution.
Toptracer Points Game
Unleash your power in Long Drive mode, where the goal is to hit the ball as far as you can while keeping it inbounds, combining raw strength with precision for an exhilarating challenge.
Toptracer Longest Drive
Dive into the fun of Go Fish mode at PinSeekers, where you can play individually or as a team to strategically aim your shots and catch each of the 24 unique sea creatures in this engaging and playful game.
Toptracer Go Fish Golfing
Master the art of the short game in the Approach Challenge, where the goal is to consistently land close approach shots, honing your precision and control under pressure.
Toptracer Approach Challenge
Step up to the Driving Challenge, where both power and precision are rewarded as you strive to nail the fairway, blending strength with accuracy for an ultimate test of your driving skills.
Toptracer Driving Challenge